First Time Visiting Seattle

I recently went on a trip to Seattle for business meetings and we also took our interns there for job shadows at Amazon and Microsoft. To start off the trip, we immediately went to the Space Needle. The problem with that is I’m deathly afraid of heights, so when I found out where we were going, I was a little bit nervous.… View More

Croatian Celebration 2018

It’s Saturday in Wisconsin and it’s been raining out. My buddy SKD is putting on a car show and it’s at Croatian Fest in Mukwonago. His family puts a ton of hard work into this event each and every year. They don’t even know I’m coming.… View More

YouTube Doesn’t Like CrossFit Videos

I haven’t uploaded a video to YouTube in like 5 months. Sorry for that, but I’ve been really busy and have been trying to learn how to use my new camera and video editing software.

Last week I filmed a video for CrossFit Beloit during the Open 18.1… View More